Are you thinking about upgrading to a High Efficiency Gas Furnace?

High Efficiency

When shopping for a High Efficiency Gas Furnace, look for the ENERGY STAR® label. Here in the Northwest, it makes sense to invest in the highest-efficiency system.

We offer top of the line Furnaces on the market. Rheem offers three different series of Furnaces in their lineup: Prestiege, Classic and Value. These Furnaces range from Single-Stage, to Two-Stage, to Modulating/Communicating Variable Speed Furnaces

Size It Up

Make sure to have a certified contractor size your heating system before purchasing and installing a new one. Here at ABSOLUTE TEMP CONTROL, you can rest assured that your new Furnace will be the proper size and that it will be installed correctly.

Choosing the correct size heating output is critical to getting the best efficiency, comfort, and lowest maintenance and operating costs over the life of the new system

Why Rheem® is the best choice you can make in a furnace

Chances are, the last thing you think about is your furnace. You simply expect to be comfortable. That’s why Rheem is the best choice you can make – Rheem offers some of the finest heating solutions in the business. Top-quality, innovative products with the latest technology, lasting performance, great warranties and excellent service and support. Many models are ENERGY STAR® qualified, which means you can be comfortable and energy efficient.


ENERGY STAR® Rheem Gas Furnaces

  • RGFG
  • RGRM
  • RGTM
  • RGGE
  • RGJF


On Demand Water Heater



High Efficiency Gas/Propane Furnace



Indoor Evaporator Coil

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